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We are a group dedicated to the crossover pairing Merida/Hiccup.



:bulletred: MEMBERSHIP

► Anyone can join, everyone will be accepted. You don't have to be active to enter; if you like the crossover pairing (romantically or otherwise), you're always welcome here.

► We have nothing against other ships (canon or fan) and crossovers, but this group was created for fans of Mericcup, and so it will remain.

► No flaming or trolling other deviants and the group in general; we're all good internet folk here. This group was made for fun, so let's keep the srs and butthurts to a minimum.

► You are allowed to advertise/post links to fan fiction, fan videos, fan art, etc that aren't on dA in the profile page comments section, provided that you do not spam the group.

► If you are going to repost any deviation from our gallery, always give credit and link back to the original deviation and deviant (it's common courtesy). Avoid linking back to the group as those deviations are not owned by the group, but the deviants who made them.

► We do not hate Astrid and in no way encourage spiteful behavior towards her.

► Haters and rule breakers will be banned and blocked.

:bulletgreen: SUBMISSIONS

► You may submit deviations featuring mainly/only Merida, mainly/only Hiccup, or them as a pair. Works with characters from either film (without Merida or Hiccup in them) will not be accepted.

► AUs and other crossovers are allowed only when both Merida and Hiccup as a pair are in them. OCs are not allowed. However, original takes on canon characters (Hiccup's mom, Camicazi, Lady Macintosh/Dingwall/Macguffin, etc), as well as minor OCs in fan fiction are accepted.

► Deviations submitted can be in the form of drawings, literature, manips, collages, sculptures, GIFs, wallpapers, stamps, or pixel art provided that they are all your work and are of quality. Dolls are allowed only with Merida and Hiccup together, and a link to the original doll maker. Cosplay is allowed only if you are cosplaying Merida and Hiccup together.

► We do not accept reposted works with disclaimers ("not mine", "did not make this", etc) or uploaded without their original maker's permission. The mere fact that you're uploading them unto your gallery and submitting them as your deviations means you claim ownership of them, even if you say otherwise.

► Both Merida and Hiccup are minors, and this group is SFW. Keep it PG-13.

► Please submit in the correct folder. Guidelines for content can be found in the main gallery as well as in each folder. If a deviation is denied due to incorrect submission, kindly submit it again in the right folder. If you don't know where anything goes, don't be afraid to ask.

► Respect the decision of the admins. If your submission is denied, feel free to ask why, but practice netiquette when doing so.

► We try to foster an open and friendly environment but as it happens, some deviations do get declined; please don't take it personally. Though you're entitled to your feelings, anyone who takes them out on an admin/the group is automatically kicked out.

If you can't abide by the aforementioned rules, the "leave the group" option is at the top-left corner of the page.

Lastly, HAVE FUN!:iconfeelingfreeplz:

:bulletblue: LINKS

mericcup @ tumblr


Merida by clio-mokonaHiccup Stamp by siquia


Merida and Brave Disney-Pixar
Hiccup and How to Train Your Dragon Dreamworks












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trentharvestmoon Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016
anyone a hiccup rper here cause i literally dreamed that i rped with a hiccup 
Negar4plus1member Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2015
How can l join?
hiddenwriterspirit Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2015
There should be a button at the top of the homepage that says "Join our group"
Negar4plus1member Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2015
How can l submit deviants?
click "contribute art"
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HaruMikuHoshi Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2015
I ship them so much <3
CharlieLou107 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015
Hey! I sorry I haven't been to upload anything in god knows how long but I'm just wondering if that changes the fact that I used to be able to submit my own work into the gallery folders? I've tried to submit my latest two manips/collages of Mericcup and it says I can't? Just wondering if it's been changed is all since I've not been on in so long?

Petalouda85 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Nothing's changed but I'll check out the setting for you. Maybe something got changed by accident
luckylizart Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
hi if i do a comic with the big four and hiccup and merida as a couple can i put it here?
Petalouda85 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I'd say yes but put it in the "crossover" folder
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